Omaha Birth & Babies thrives on supporting families in many different ways. One of them is through emotional support.  Verbally encouraging the mother can give her the confidence boost she needs to keep going.  Showing the birth parnter how they can best support this hard-working woman, assures them that they do have a place in the birth and are helping mom fantastically.  We are here to support and encourage all members of the family in their unique roles in the birth room.
Omaha Birth & Babies meets families where they're at. We have supported moms who have chosen unmedicated births, epidurals, repeat cesearan births and more. We support your right to make the best decisions for your family.  Your positive birth experience is important to us. We are here to support your vision for that experience, no matter what that looks like. Every birth is unique. We discuss YOUR desires and preferences for your child's birth and we support you and those preferences, fully and completely- judgement free.
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