Birth Doula Services

+Omaha Birth & Babies has only exceptionally trained birth doulas who have served many families over the past couple of years. They work closely with each other in order to ensure that you always have a fresh and energized doula by your side. 

Andrea is a VBA2C mom who personally understands the real challenges of VBAC and as a Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instuctor, is really passionate about educating families about thier birthing options including how to have a medication free, easy and comfortable birthing experience. She has the ability to be a calm, loving presence while also creating a light-hearted atmosphere, helping to ease anxiety and fear. She desires to be the listening ear that so many families need prenatally & in birth. 

+ Mariah  has experienced unmedicated birth in a hospital and at home and as a Certified Lactation Consultant, is very passionate about breastfeeding. Her heart for birthing women is that they would feel encouraged in their birth experience. She desires for the mothers she works with to see birth as an empowering and miraculous journey, not something to be feared.

+We offer discounted  birth doula services for teen-mothers, mothers who choose adoption, bereavement and mothers with deployed military spouses ( limits apply).

Birth Doula Support

  +1 (2-3 hour) in-person prenatal workshop to discuss birth preferences and go over comfort measures (around 36 weeks of pregnancy)

+Access to monthly enrichment/educaton meetings (Birth Circle) co-sponsored with Kindred Hearts Omaha Doulas

+On-Call 24/7 Birthing Time/ Labor support from moment hired to birth of baby

+ Unlimited Hours of in person birthing time support from an expereinced doula.

+Continuous Pregnancy Support Via- Phone/Text/Email/Facebook Messenger

+Continuous Postpartum Support Via- Phone/Text/Email/Facebook Messenger 

+2-hour In-home Lactation Education and Support from a Certified Lactation Counselor after baby is home.

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Birth Doula + Postpartum Doula

Basic Birth Doula Package
15 hours of Postpartum Doula  Support
(5 Three-hour day time shifts)

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A La Carte Services

The following services can be added on to any of our birth doula packages.

(300 for birth doula clients)



+Omaha Birth & Babies offers a 10% military discount upon request and repeat clients will receive a customized discounted package.

+We also offer different packages of support for our expectant families and would be happy to make you a customized birth support package if you don't see one below that fits your specific needs.

"Something really huge for me that I never had was she taught me about all the ways I can take ownership of the birth instead of being at the mercy of my caretakers desires and whims."  - Samantha K.